X-MAX 250






With its dynamic new styling as well as an ultra-responsive liquid-cooled engine and a high-specification chassis, the Yamaha X-MAX 250 offers impressive performance together with everyday practicality.
A compact sports frame and lightweight large-diameter wheels provide plenty of stability at high speeds. For added convenience there's storage space for two full-face helmets. And the new aerodynamic bodywork looks smart and offers excellent wind and weather protection.
At the weekend this premium sports scooter is built to perform. And when it's time to go back to work on a Monday morning the X-MAX 250 is one of the most efficient ways to beat the traffic.

Compact sports chassis

The special combination of a compact sports chassis equipped with big wheels and updated suspension provides added confidence and stability at low and high speeds. And when you consider that the X-MAX models were originally inspired by our awesome TMAX, it is easy to see why the X-MAX 250 is such a great performer.

Instant power with easy control

The driving force that makes the X-MAX 250 so exciting to ride is a liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke 250cc engine featuring electronic fuel injection for good fuel efficiency. Fully automatic transmission allows the X-MAX 250 to accelerate smoothly and efficiently, while powerful disc brakes and wide tyres give confidence and control.


Dynamic sports bodywork

The latest X-MAX 250 comes with even sharper, slimmer and more dynamic bodywork that allows the rider to move through traffic, and that underlines this sport scooter's high-performance character. A new LED tail light complements the sophisticated styling, and the aerodynamic fairing and screen give plenty of protection from the wind and weather.

Sofisticirani, sportski i praktični

The X-MAX 250’s sophisticated new multi-function instruments feature a convenient 2-button hand control function and include a digital speedometer plus a fuel consumption display and tripmeter – while the new 15-inch front and 14-inch rear cast aluminium wheels and luxurious seat give an ideal balance of sportiness and practicality.


Exciting performance with everyday practicality

X-MAX models combine exciting performance with everyday practicality. The dynamic new bodywork and large diameter aluminium wheels ensure relaxed and stable riding at higher speeds – and in the city its compact chassis and spacious underseat storage for 2 full-face helmets make this an agile and effective commuter.

More relaxed and upright riding position

X-MAX 250 now features a more relaxed and upright riding position that gives the rider an improved feeling of control and a good view of the road. The latest contoured dual seat features an inbuilt rider backrest, and the spacious layout of the footboard area allows the rider to choose a number of different riding positions.



  • Sporty, stylish and practical 250cc scooter
  • Premium quality design and finish
  • Excellent rider and passenger comfort
  • Liquid-cooled fuel-injected 4-stroke 250cc engine
  • New dynamic sports bodywork
  • New-style large diameter cast aluminium wheels
  • Large underseat storage for two full-face helmets
  • Ideal balance between performance and practicality
  • Large wheels for stable high-speed cruising
  • New LED tail light


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